Blue Circles
Laurie Olinder’s “Blue Circles,” an installation of drawings done in blue ink on various sizes of square paper each pinned in the center to a black wall, evokes celestial galaxies, solar systems, weather patterns, crop circles, flowers seen from above, cross sections of stems, bones, veins, organs, as wells as molecules and atomic structures.

Olinder seems to be categorizing or collecting specimens of the wheel-within-wheel motif which can be found on all scales throughout the universe.  The ambiguity of relative size speaks to the fractile structure of the cosmos. These drawings could also be the abstract symbolic chalkboard notations of a physicist visually exploring the hidden forces effecting all matter; the ontological rules of universal growth and form.  
Her installation at once presents to the viewer a dizzying gaze into the remotest parts of inner and outer space while simultaneously gratifying the eye with the simplicity of her individual mark making and unique touch.
Susan Jennings